Who is Pack 3269?

We are a family-oriented, year-round program designed for boys and girls who are in kindergarten through fifth grades.  In Aurora, there are currently two Cub Scout packs (K-5th), one boys Scout BSA troop (6th-12th), and one girls Scouts BSA troop (6th - 12th)

Where and How Often Does Pack 3269 Meet?

We have two meetings a month to achieve adventure goals - a pack meeting and a den meeting.  

The 10 Purposes of Cub Scouting

What kind of events do you do?

Each month we have activities for the scouts as a den and as a pack.  We go hiking, fishing, STEM, DEI, crafting, have picnics, go on field trips and generally have a lot of fun!

We also adventure on 2-3 camp outs each year, participate in community service projects, and hold an annual Pinewood Derby -- where the scouts race homemade gravity-powered cars.  Be sure to check out our Activities page for more information.

During the time of COVID-19, safety precaution are taken into account and are made as safe as we possibly can.


Scout Safety

BSA Youth Protection Mission Statement

True youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of everyone in Scouting. It is the mission of Youth Protection volunteers and professionals to work within the Boy Scouts of America to maintain a culture of Youth Protection awareness and safety at the national, regional, area, council, district, and unit levels.

Barriers to Abuse

Registration Requirements

The chartered organization representative, or in their absence the executive officer of the chartered organization, must approve the registration of the unit’s adult leaders.

Registration includes:

Current Youth Protection training is required for leaders when renewing their registration or at unit charter renewal.

Adult program participants must register as adults and follow Youth Protection policies.

Adult Supervision

Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth. Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age- and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided. (Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs)

All adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present at the activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders. The 72 hours need not be consecutive.

One-on-one contact between adult leaders and youth members is prohibited both inside and outside of Scouting. (Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs)

Discipline must be constructive.


Leaders must ensure that all participating in Scouting activities abide by the Scout Oath and Scout Law.

Adult leaders and youth members share the responsibility for the safety of all participants in the program, including adherence to Youth Protection and health and safety policies.

All leaders are required to adhere to the Scouter Code of Conduct.


Separate accommodations for adult males and females and youth males and females are required.


Lodging/Cabin Accommodations

Whenever possible, separate cabins or lodging should be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth. Where separate accommodations cannot be provided due to group size or limited availability, modifications may be made. Where completely separate accommodations are not available, additional supervision is required. (Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs)


Separate shower and latrine facilities should be provided for male and female adults as well as for male and female youth. If separate facilities are not available, separate times should be scheduled and posted.

Privacy of youth is respected.

Program Requirements

The buddy system should be used.

The use of smartphones, cameras, mirrors, drones, etc., in places or situations where privacy is expected is prohibited.

All aspects of the Scouting program are open to observation by parents and leaders.

The BSA does not recognize any secret organizations as part of its program.

Hazing and initiations are prohibited and have no part during any Scouting activity.

All forms of bullying and harassment including verbal, physical, and cyberbullying are prohibited.

Inappropriate public displays of affection are prohibited.

Sexual activity is prohibited.

Appropriate attire is required for all activities.

Reporting Requirements

Adult leaders and youth members have a responsibility to recognize, respond to, and report Youth Protection violations and abuse.

 For more detailed information on the training program, please visit the Youth Protection pages at Scouting.org.