Types of Activities

 Throughout the course of the year, our scouts will take part in a variety of activities.  Each monthly meeting, which we call a 'packtivity' will have a focus and feature event for all ages.  Indoor meetings at Our Lady of Perpetual Help is considered home base.

Each den or age group has an adventure book that will map out various required and elective adventure to complete.  When you complete the required adventures - you can rank up.  The more electives you achieve, the more 'bling' you get to show off!

Whether it's a whole pack effort or activity, a den adventure, or an individual effort, Cub Scouts has a robust year round program.  In Cub Scouts, all events and activities require parental attendance and some find themselves having just as much fun as the cubs!  

Check out a few of the adventures our pack participates in below.


Community Service

Depending on the time of years and any societal restrictions, our pack participates in several community service events per year ranging from Christmas carols and yard clean-ups to planting trees and stuffing envelopes for Our Lady. 

Introduction to the Outdoors

Scouting is the introduction to the outdoors.  We'll go on a couple of overnight campouts each year.  At camp, we line up a variety of activities which can include shooting sports, hikes, crafting, whittling, campfires, and cub cooked meals or treats!

Racing - Sailing - Flying

The three most popular individual events are the Pinewood Derby racing, the Raingutter Regata boat racing, & Rocket Launch day firing off model rockets.

Special Guests

At either a pack meeting or age specific den meeting, special guests may come in to help fulfill their specific rank adventure books.


What some will call 'meetings', we call them 'packtivity nights' for the cubs - after all, it's been a long day at school!  Throughout the year, we'll cover a STEM subject, diversity & inclusion, and design & build activities.  The zoom meeting above is with another pack in Puerto Rico.


Fundraising is an important aspect of the pack's ability to keep costs low for our year-round program.  We typically all jump into the popcorn sales in the Fall and determine if we want to do a Spring fundraiser.